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Benenfits of Using West Coast Vape Supply As Your Wholesale Vape Supplier

When it comes to wholesale suppliers, there are certainly some criteria that need to be met. When you work with a supplier, you form a relationship that involves a partnership and an unspoken bond that places both parties in sync with one another. Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we love the opportunity to form relationships with our wholesale members, as it allows us to fuel their businesses, watch them grow, and ultimately reach a level of success that should keep profits hefty and doors open.

When forming relationships with our wholesale members, we will of course need to keep up with our end of the deal, which involves a variety of benefits to best serve you. In today’s article, we’re going to list just that, the benefits of using West Coast Vape Supply as your wholesale vape supplier. We will share the benefits, telling you why it is a good idea for you to join our wholesale program and how to join to become our newest wholesale member to take advantage of these exclusive benefits.

Wholesale Warehouse

Benefits of Being A Wholesale Member

There is a range of benefits that are involved when you become a West Coast Vape Supply wholesale member. In this wholesale program, we have so much to offer, from the variety of products to free shipping incentives to our compliant shipping procedures. We ultimately eliminate the hassle and risk of importing, we ensure products are all authentic, and we eliminate the worry of shipping costs. Here is a list of benefits of using West Coast Vape Supply as your wholesale vape supplier.

  • The Best Customer Support Possible (Our #1 Priority)
  • Access To Thousands of Top-Name Vaping Products
  • We Have A Large Variety of Products To Choose From
  • Eliminate Shipping Costs on Orders That Reach Above $1000
  • Orders Under $1000 Is Only A $9.99 Shipping Cost
  • Quick Order Fulfillment and Fast Shipping Times
  • Directly Sourced Products To Ensure Authenticity
  • We Remove All of The Risk of Importing Products
  • Our Prices Are Made Extremely Competitive
  • We Utilize Compliant Shipping Procedures
  • Active In Advocacy and Members of VTA and CASAA

Providing the best customer support is and has always been our number one priority. Our goal is to ensure your needs are met to the fullest so that you can focus on your business. In order to make your business thrive, you must provide customers with the latest and greatest products, so we make sure to give you access to thousands of top-name vaping products. Our variety of products is also one of the largest in the industry, giving you the opportunity to choose from vape juice, mods, pods, disposables, accessories, and even alternative products.

We also provide shipping incentives so that when you place orders above $1000 that you do not have to worry about shipping costs. For wholesale members that place orders less than $1000, shipping costs are reduced to a flat $9.99 shipping fee. After you place an order, our team quickly fulfills the order using compliant shipping procedures and sends it out to make sure you receive your order quickly and fully intact. All of the products we offer are directly sourced so that we can guarantee you their authenticity.

When you become a member and buy wholesale, we are removing any of the risks that are often associated with importing products. And, what our wholesale customers enjoy most is that our prices are extremely competitive so that you can focus on turning a profit to keep your doors wide open. Lastly, we are heavily active in advocacy so that we both have the opportunity to supply vaping products to customers and so that consumers have access to them.

How You Can Become A Wholesale Member

You can easily become a West Coast Vape Supply wholesale member by simply joining our wholesale program. It involves filling out our wholesale member form that provides all of the necessary information we must collect in order to give you access to the industry’s lowest wholesale prices and the additional benefits that we offer. After the wholesale member form has been submitted, there is a quick approval process that takes place to ensure you meet the required criteria.

After the painless approval process, you will have access to thousands of vaping products at the industry’s number one wholesale superstore, West Coast Vape Supply! If you would like to join our exclusive wholesale program and become a wholesale member, allow us to take a moment of your time as you create a wholesale account here.

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