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Behind the Scenes of Ruthless Brands

Behind the Scenes of Ruthless Brands

Since 2011 Ruthless Vapors has created mind-blowing vape juice flavors that will keep you coming back for more and more. Based out of Southern California, Ruthless Vapor is dedicated to creating top-of-the-line e-juice flavors with the best ingredients.

Ruthless E-Liquids hold themselves high above the competition by putting every single one of their vape juices through rigorous quality control tests, and if the juice can't pass the tests they won't put the infamous Ruthless label on it. All of their vape juices are made with the thought of out of this world snack flavors in mind to provide their loyal customers with an amazing vaping experience every time they pick up their vape and drip Ruthless E-Liquids.

Ruthless E-Liquids

Ruthless E-Juice

Ruthless E-Liquids started with this vape juice line. The vape juice line Ruthless has high quality fruit vape juice flavors that will have you puffing on them all day long. These vape juices all have such an authentic taste to them that your mouth will water with every puff you take. Ruthless has made sure that all of the bottles are the perfect fusion of their amazing flavor combination to keep their customers coming back for more and more. 

Some of Ruthless E-Juice best selling e-liquids have come from the original line such as; Ez Duz It which is an out of this world strawberry watermelon vape juice flavor that will leave you drooling. Another best seller from this line is Grape Drank which recreates your favorite grape soda pop. This vape juice line has created some vape juices that will keep you coming back bottle after bottle. 

some of these vape juices also come in a salt nicotine form; Ruthless Salt Nic


Loaded E-Juice Logo

For those of you with a sweet tooth, this vape juice line is for you. Loaded with flavor, Loaded E-Liquids will bring you the amazing flavors that you will never want to put down. These savory flavors will keep you on your toes with every puff you take and have your sweet tooth packing its bags instantly. 

Loaded E-Liquid provides their customers with the amazing flavors of Cookie Butter, Smores, and Glazed Donuts for starters. This line is filled with authentic flavors that will have you puffing away all day long. Loaded E-Liquid vape juices are made for the customers that enjoy a sweet treat after a long day, and with every bottle you try you will fall in love with the flavors they create. 

some of these vape juices also come in a salt nicotine form; Loaded NICSALT

Twist by Loaded

Twist by Loaded Logo

Twist by Loaded takes the taste of freshly baked pretzels and adds the taste of various sweet coatings to it.  These vape juices will time travel you to your favorite carnival munching on a freshly baked prezel that has been dunked in either strawberry glaze, yogurt glaze, or a coat of cinnamon sugar. Pick your choice of mind-blowing flavors with Twist by Loaded today! 

Some may say that only having three flavors for a vape juice line means that the flavors aren't good, but Ruthless E-Liquid have perfected these flavors to provide their customers with the best vaping experience possible. These three vape juices have and will continue to bring customers back for more with every bottle they buy of these sweet and savory vape juice flavors. 

Pleasure Factory E-Juice

Pleasure Factory E-Juice Logo

Pleasure Factory takes the simple taste of people's favorite fruity flavored vape juices and creates a vape juice that won't overwhelm your taste buds but will also satisfy your palate with just one puff. With a choice of a simple strawberry flavor, a slightly sour vape juice flavor, or a tropical explosion of flavor, you will surely be able to find your next go-to vape juice!

Pleasure Factory has three vape juice within this vape juice line and they are all equally as jaw dropping. These flavors take the authentic flavors of the fruit they are made after and turn them into a vape juice that will have you puffing on all day long!

Ruthless Rewind

Ruthless Rewind Logo

Ruthless Rewind brings you delicious cereal flavors that will have your taste buds begging for more with every puff you take. These vape juices are made with the highest quality of ingredients to provide you with a vaping experience that is out of this world. Ruthless Rewind is a line with only cereal flavors, providing cereal fanatics with a variety of amazing flavors to choose from. 

Ruthless Rewind brings your taste buds the taste of their favorite childhood cereals. These vape juice flavors encompass the taste of mouth watering cereals, ranging from fruity to frosted, these ejuices will be sure to satisfy your taste buds with every puff you take. Ruthless Rewind will have you time traveling to a time when all that you needed was a big bowl of cereal!


Overloaded E-Juice Logo

Overloaded E Juice will provide your taste buds with an outstanding custard vape juice flavor with each e liquid you try. With a choice of vanilla, banana, or blueberry custard; you won't want to stop vaping on this brand for a time to come. With Overloaded E Juice your taste buds will be able to indulge on the delightful custard vape juice flavors they created. 

Overloaded E Juice will have your taste buds jumping for joy from the moment you open any bottle by them. These outstanding vape juice flavors have amazing aromas as well that will drive your taste buds to insanity with every inhale and exhale. 


 Cravve E-Liquid Logo

CRAVVE Vape Juices is made up of two flavors, Red and Gold. Red Crave will have your fruity side going crazy with every inhale and exhale you take. This fruity blend combines the taste of delightful mangoes and tart grapefruits. If fruity flavors are not your forte, they also have a coffee, cookie and caramel flavor Gold, that will keep you coming back for more. 

CRAVVE Vape Juices are the familiar flavors of GOST Black and Red, rebranded by Ruthless Vapors. These vape juices have the same great flavor that you know and love under a different brand.


Ruthless E Liquids has many vape juice lines under their belt, and with each line the produce, the flavors are exceptional and will have your mouth watering from the moment you break the seal, until your last puff. With fruity flavors, desert flavors, and anything else you may be craving, Ruthless E Liquid could become your go to vape juice brand! 

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