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Yogi Salt Nic Pick 3 Bundle 30ml (90ml)

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Yogi Salt Nicotine Pick 3 Bundle

Yogi Salt Nic Bundle Review

Treat your taste buds to a vaping experience full of tasty granola flavors with our Yogi Salt Nic Pick 3 Bundle. Known for their delicious honey infused nutty twists on traditional fruit flavors, one puff will leave you convinced their premium ejuice was crafted with excellence. Yogi Salt is perfect for vape enthusiasts that enjoy a rich and dense flavor that will satisfy your taste receptors to no end.

With our Yogi Salt Bundle, we have made it easy for you to enjoy your favorite flavors and save big at the same time. With our variety pack you will have the option of choosing between three different flavors from their entire juice line or, if you have a favorite ejuice, have all three of your selections be of that flavor.

Yogi Salt will come packaged neatly in 30ml Unicorn bottles so you will receive a total of 90ml of salt nicotine juice. Nicotine options are 35MG or 50MG. 

Choose From

  • Peanut Butter Banana - Delicious blend of rich peanut butter with honey granola.
  • Blueberry Granola Bar - Tarty blueberries mixed with delicious granola.
  • Strawberry Granola Bar - A yummy granola bar coated in slices of ripe strawberry.
  • Original Granola - Straightforward honey granola bar. 
  • Java Chip - Awesome blend of dense coffee, honey oats, and granola. 
  • Lemon Bar - A perfect zesty lemon twist to a standard granola bar.