Yogi Farms White Grape ICE

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Yogi Farms White Grape ICE 60ml

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Yogi Farms White Grape ICE 60ml

Yogi Farms White Grape Ice Vape Juice Review

When it comes to the vapor products industry, e-liquid is the most sold product. People can’t get enough of it, and it’s very understandable when there are so many flavors and delicious tastes to choose from. However, not all e-liquid is created equal, and that is where things get a bit tricky when choosing the perfect vape. 

Ever since 2009, the real start of the vaping industry, manufacturers have been in labs trying to create the best concoction to satisfy vapers, whether that be with flavor or quality. There are some brands that stick out more than others, and Yogi Farms is certainly one of them that has been a stand-out brand. It has managed to capture many consumers all around the world by producing a collection of delicious flavors that do not sacrifice when it comes to quality, which is why many have flocked to its incredible line. In the line, you’ll find a slew of flavors to choose from, and Yogi Farms White Grape Ice is one that should stick out the most. It presents an amazing flavor, incredible quality, and ultimately it’s much different than anything you’ve tried on the market thus far.

White Grape Ice by Yogi Farms is just an all-around great e-liquid, and you’ll easily notice this from the first draw as you taste what seems like a handful of white grapes that had its juice extracted and blended with the chilling taste and temperatures of menthol. You experience a masterful blend that has been perfectly mixed by the flavor artists of Axiocore Corporation, which is the manufacturer of the Yogi Farms brand. Although the flavor is phenomenal, there is more to this Yogi Farms White Grape Ice than just that.

In fact, quality is something to look forward to when consuming Yogi Farms e-liquid. Each bottle has been manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility with an ISO7-Certified Laboratory. Only the finest ingredients are used to create such an amazing e-liquid, such as Heartland 100% VG USP Kosher Nicotine, which is high-grade nicotine. Each bottle undergoes a 70/30 blend ratio, ensuring that you get the perfect balance of flavor and vapor production. The ratio offers a happy medium when it comes to receiving amazing flavor and blowing clouds of vapor.

Available in a variety of nicotine strengths to suit your desired satisfaction, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, you’ll find that Yogi Farms White Grape Ice is the best e-liquid option on the market. The 60ML bottle delivers exceptional flavor, it delivers the best quality, and will ultimately offer you the best satisfaction for the money spent. If you want a unique flavor that features a stunning taste, you can’t go wrong with Yogi Farms White Grape Ice e-liquid.

Flavor Profile: White Grape, Menthol 

Bottle Size: 60ml 

VG/PG: 70/30