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Yogi Farms Green Apple

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Yogi Farms Green Apple 60ml

Yogi Farms Green Apple Vape Juice Review

In a market that is saturated with e-liquid flavors, brands must stand out from the pack by providing a phenomenal experience that is unique, unlike any other. The taste has to be perfected, the quality has to be top-notch, and it should be consistent throughout the entire bottle and collection as a whole. One of the best brands that have perfected this artistry is Yogi Farms, a high-quality e-liquid brand that is manufactured by Axiocore Corporation. The e-liquid giant provides an authentic, delicious, and unforgettable experience by employing flavor masters and design craftsmen that refuse to take shortcuts and only focuses on creating products of the highest quality.

Within the masterful collection of flavors is Yogi Farms Green Apple, an e-liquid that presents a remarkable taste that is truly unique, unlike any other, yet far greater than any other flavor with similarities. While it is an overall green apple flavor, you’ll notice it’s much more than that with each draw. You’ll immediately taste sour green apples that feature mouth-puckering fruit that is candied to deliver an experience that is sour, sweet, and bursting with luscious flavor. If you are a fan of green apple flavored e-liquids, you’re going to adore this masterfully crafted rendition of sour green apples.

Not only are you lucky enough to experience such a remarkable flavor, but the quality of Yogi Farms Green Apple is something that is worth talking about. When it comes to the quality and professionalism put into each bottle, there isn’t anything that can compete. Yogi Farms provides a product that is made consistently, producing a taste that is the same throughout the entirety of the bottle. The liquid tastes and feels clean, while the nicotine seems pure and very noticeable in each draw. Yogi Farms Green Apple is made in an iSO7-Certified Laboratory and made with Heartland 100% VG USP Kosher Nicotine, which is the highest grade nicotine. The overall experience you receive from Green Apple by Yogi Farms something you’ll be thrilled to relive over and over again. It’s a perfect flavor utilizing the perfect ingredients and results in the perfect vape.

Filled to the rim with the tastiest green apple flavor, each 60ML unicorn bottle features a child-resistant cap and has been mixed appropriately using a 70/30 VG/PG ratio to ensure the perfect balance of both flavor and vapor production. Made in the USA, each bottle is available a range of nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to suit your preference and ensure complete satisfaction with every draw.

Flavor Profile: Green Apple 

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30