Twist E-Liquid Wild Red
Wild Watermelon Lemonade by Lemon Twist E-liquids 120ml


Wild Red (Wild Watermelon Lemonade) by Lemon Twist E-liquids 120ml

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Wild Red (Wild Watermelon Lemonade) by Lemon Twist E-Liquids 120ML

Lemon Twist Wild Red Review

Offering loads of tasty flavor in every puff, Wild Red is just the vape flavor you need. It is super delicious, delivers a smooth draw every time, and your taste buds will be satisfied and your thirst will be quenched. It is the perfect vape juice blend of watermelon and lemonade.

Wild Red by Lemon Twist E-Liquids is super refreshing and offers a taste as you’ve never experienced. Upon inhale, you quickly get a sense of what this flavor is about. It offers the taste of a mouthwatering watermelon that is combined with Twist E-Liquid’s signature lemonade flavor. It is a brilliant mix of the two, providing all of the tanginess, zest, and sweetness you could ever want from a vape juice. This pairing of watermelon and lemonade perfectly goes with one another, creating a seamless vape experience that you can enjoy all-day. You can experience the duo of flavors in a bottle duo, using two 60mL bottles that total 120mL. They are available in several nicotine strengths, which include, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to suit any preference.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Twist E-Liquids is one of the industry’s largest and most recognized vape brands. It is a well-known premium vape juice manufacturer, which has extensive experience perfecting unique vape flavors. Many of the flavors that it has developed have gone down in history as some of the most iconic vape juices ever created. The Twist E-Liquids brand has gone onto winning several awards for its flavors and the many collections under its umbrella, which include fruit, melon, mango, and lemon twist. Always striving to create the best vape experience possible for consumers, Twist E-Liquids remains an industry-leading brand.

Twist E-Liquids Wild Red is an outstanding blend of flavors that combines a juicy mouthwatering watermelon flavor with a zesty lemonade to deliver a thirst-quenching vape juice flavor that easily fits into your rotation.

Flavor Profile: Watermelon, Lemonade

Bottle Size: 120mL (2 x 60mL)

VG/PG: 70/30