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Wild Watermelon by I Love Salts 30ml

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Wild Watermelon by I Love Salts 30ml

I Love Salts Wild Watermelon Review

Bombarding your airways with a mouth full of watermelon flavor, Wild Watermelon by I Love Salts is certainly the go-to vape for those looking for loads of potent mouthwatering taste. This extremely satisfying flavor is sure to become a favorite, as you'll experience an intense watermelon flavor that never grows old.

What is Wild Watermelon vape juice? Wild Watermelon by I Love Salts is an amazing vape juice blend that will satisfy your tastes and overcome your mouth with loads of watermelon flavor. From puff to puff, you'll experience a mouthwatering watermelon flavor that is potent and full in flavor. From the juicy taste to the delicious seedless flavor, everything about this vape is something you will never want to be without. Wild Watermelon by I Love Salts is available in a large 30mL bottle and can be enjoyed in tobacco-free nicotine salt strengths of 25mg and 50mg.

I Love Salts is a popular brand of vape juice that provides extraordinary quality and tastes. It was one of the first vape juice brands that formulated its flavors with salt nicotine, and to this day is one of the best choices on the market. I Love Salts is a line of products that use a variety of fruit and menthol flavors and deliver the best experience using quality ingredients. The brand is developed and manufactured by Mad Hatter Juice, one of the largest and most popular manufacturing companies, specializing in developing a wide range of brands and a slew of delicious vape juice. It is based in southern California and is one of the most reputable names in vaping today.

If you're looking for a delicious watermelon flavor that offers a spot-on taste, Wild Watermelon by I Love Salts is the perfect solution. It presents such an incredible vaping experience, and it's loaded with tons of potent watermelon flavor, which we're sure you won't mind.

Flavor Profile: Watermelon

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50