Noms X2 White Peach Raspberry

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White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 120ML

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White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 120ML

Noms X2 White Peach Raspberry Vape Juice Review

Sharing a mouthwatering flavor each time that you take a puff, White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 proves to provide a flavor-packed experience. It uses a combination of two flavors, which all come together to fill your airways with an incredible amount of sweetness. This delicious vape will easily turn into one of your favorites of all time.

What is White Peach Raspberry vape juice? White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 is a delicious vape juice made by Nomenon E-Liquids. It is a premium vape juice blend using a duo of flavors to create such a brilliant taste anyone would enjoy. It consists of white peaches and ripe raspberries. The peaches are extremely juicy and the raspberries are deliciously refreshing, leaving you with a sweet and flavorsome vape that continues to linger. White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 comes in a 120mL bottle and is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths, suiting whatever preference you may have.

The Noms X2 collection rests within the Nomenos E-Liquids vape brand, which is made and manufactured by Lotus Vaping Technologies. Noms X2 makes up an entire collection famed for its unique flavor profiles, stretching from a rare cactus flavor to a mixture of ginger. There is tons of deliciousness to explore in this amazing line-up. Lotus Vaping Technologies is a company that is based in Boise, Idaho, and manufactures top-of-the-line vape juice for its Nomenon E-liquids brand and several collections, including its Tobacco Free Nicotine collection "Free Noms". If you've been wanting to get your hands on some of the best quality vape juice on the market, which also doubles as one of the best tastings, we highly recommend Nomenon E-Liquids.

White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 is one of the most flavorsome vapes you'll ever come across. It presents a satisfying taste using a juicy white peach flavor and ripe raspberries, ensuring you've met your match with an enjoyable vaping experience you can count on every time.

Flavor Profile: White Peach, Raspberry

Bottle Size: 120ML

VG/PG: 70/30