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Watermelon Madness by Lemon TWST Salt 60ml

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Red #1 AKA Watermelon Madness by TWST Salt 60ml

TWST Salt Watermelon Madness Salt Nic Juice Review 

Treat yourself to a salt nic Eliquid full of sweet and juicy flavors with Watermelon Madness by TWST Salt 60ml. With each puff, you will experience a flavor jam-packed with watermelon tones ranging from the tarty seeds to the decadent watermelon pulp. It will feel as if you actually took a bite out of this refreshing fruit. Crafted with premium ingredients and taste in mind, Lemon Twist Salt Watermelon will provide fruit-loving vape enthusiasts with a flavor that will please your taste buds all day long.

Upon inhale of TWST Salt Watermelon Madness, a splendid wave of juicy watermelon will swarm your taste palate. Its only goal is to provide your taste buds with everlasting satisfaction. Fun and vibrant notes of this splendid fruit will flood your taste receptors and you will find yourself smiling after every puff. During exhale is where the sweet and decadent notes of watermelon will emerge and provide a nice and balanced end to this well-rounded salt nic vape juice.

Watermelon Madness by TWST Salt will arrive in two 30ml bottles giving you a total of 60ml of premium nicotine salt vape juice. You will have the option of choosing between 35MG and 50MG nicotine strengths. Salt Nic is not intended for sub-ohm use and is recommended for low voltage pod-based devices only.

With tons of juicy watermelon flavor, you will definitely begin to call this tasty vape a new favorite. It has tons of flavor goodness with every puff and is sure to satisfy your taste buds and your nicotine cravings. If you want to explore additional flavors, Iced Watermelon Madness recreates the same taste with a bonus of menthol.

Flavor Profile: Watermelon

Bottle Size: 2 X 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50