Juice Head Salts TFN Watermelon Lime Freeze

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Watermelon Lime Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN 30ml

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Watermelon Lime Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN

Juice Head Salts TFN Watermelon Lime Freeze Review

Watermelon Lime Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN is an amazing vape juice blend that is perfect for your vape pod system. It provides a smooth and flavorsome vape that will definitely become a favorite. It consists of watermelon, lime, and menthol to create a deliciously refreshing vape every time.

What is Juice Head Salts TFN Watermelon Lime Freeze? Watermelon Lime Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN gives up the most pleasing tastes by bringing you a blend of delicious flavors that come together perfectly. This masterful concoction will surely become one of your go-to vapes as it brings you a mix of watermelons, limes, and menthol to create the most refreshing and amazing flavor you've ever experienced. It is all infused with a tobacco-free nicotine salt, which enhances the experience and makes it that much more smooth and satisfying.

Juice Head Salts is a premium vape juice brand resting under the Juice Head collection. It provides quality salt nicotine vape juice that has become some of the most popular in the industry. It consists of several amazing flavors, ranging from simple two flavor combinations to the most complex blends with exciting tastes. Juice Head is headquartered in Garden Grove, California, and manufactured by Streamline Vape Co., one of the world's largest and most recognized vape juice manufacturing companies. Streamline is known for building brands like Khali Vapors, Bam's Cannoli, and several more.

Sharing a delicious blend of watermelons, limes, and the most frigid menthol, there is nothing more pleasing than this green mixture of fruits. It is a tasty vape that you can enjoy all day long and will never get bored of. It pairs with a tobacco-free nicotine salt that makes it that much smoother of an experience.

Flavor Profile: Watermelon, Lime, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50