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VIBES X Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder

Product Description

VIBES X Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder

VIBES X Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder Review

Out of the gate with the smoothest, most appealing appearance, the VIBES X Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder offers it all. From the looks to its durability to the way it effortlessly shreds your material with extraordinary consistency, there is no greater grinder to add to your collection of alternative products.

What is the VIBES X Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder? The Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder by VIBES is a premium grind that allows you to grind up any herb you can throw at it. It features a compact design, a 2-piece design, and is extremely portable. It's constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum to provide extraordinary durability and toughness and comes with an anodized finish to ensure everything is smooth and looks flawless. This grinder also features optimized threading, a magnetic lid, an airtight seal, and to grind its way through your herbs, there are 30 razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth.

Becoming one of the industry's most recognized names, VIBES is killing it far and wide. Its original name is something the new adult generation can relate to, which is why its apparel drops continue to make waves throughout the world of fashion, rising to the level of names like Supreme and more. While the brand is based around its VIBES branded premium rolling papers and cones, it offers a whole collection of alternative products, such as the Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder and more. There is no doubt that with this brand and its products, you will only feel the good vibes.

If you are looking for a portable, well-constructed grinder that offers amazing quality, while at the same time effortlessly shredding through any herbs you can throw at it, then the VIBES X Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder is definitely the next product you should add to your collection.

VIBES X Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder Features and Specifications

  • Constructed of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Anodized Smooth Finish
  • 30 Razor-Sharp Diamond-Shaped Teeth
  • Optimized Threading
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Airtight Seal

What's In The Box

  • 1 x VIBES X Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder