SpinMix E-Liquids Velvet Berry Cream


Velvet Berry Cream by SpinMix E-Liquids 100ml

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Velvet Berry Cream by SpinMix E-Liquids 100ml

SpinMix E-Liquids Velvet Berry Cream Review

For those that haven't yet experienced a taste that is best described as luxurious, scrumptious, or fine, allow us to introduce you to Velvet Berry Cream by SpinMix E-Liquids. It's a premium vape juice that features a rich, sweet, velvety flavor your taste buds will appreciate.

Velvet Berry Cream by SpinMix E-Liquids generates such a fascinating taste. The flavor profile is unique, luxurious, and extraordinarily impressive. From one puff to the next, you'll smother your taste buds with the sweet and juicy blend, making for a satisfying experience. Velvet Berry Cream is a flavor profile that offers just as the name implies, a mixture of red velvet, berries, and cream. It's a dessert-flavored vape with a fruity twist you're to love. Velvet Berry Cream is available in a 100mL bottle and in nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg.

Maple Pancake by SpinMix E-Liquids has an outstanding flavor profile that tastes extraordinarily complex. SpinMix mixologists took months to formulate and come up with the perfect ratio to mimic the authentic taste of maple pancakes. What you'll experience throughout each session is the taste of rich maple syrup dowsed over warm and fluffy pancakes. The mixture of the two will set your taste buds up for satisfaction, easily fulfilling your vape desires. Maple Pancake is available in a 100mL bottle and comes in nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg.

SpinMix E-Liquids isn't your average vape brand; it's in a league of its own, dedicated to crafting e-liquids that redefine flavor. Offering a wide range of tantalizing flavors, this brand goes the extra mile to cater to every taste bud. Whether you're craving a morning pick-me-up or a post-dinner treat, their collection has something for everyone. What began in the UK is now making its way across the pond to treat American vapers to its exceptional flavors.

Taking your vaping experience to new heights, there isn't anything quite like this flavor profile that you've vaped before. It's a complex vape juice blend using a perfect symphony of flavors to generate and sweet and juicy experience. With a fusion of dessert and fruit, Velvet Berry Cream is the one flavor you cannot pass up on.

Flavor Profile: Red Velvet, Berries, Cream

Bottle Size: 100ML

VG/PG: 70/30