Vape Pink Whipp'd 100ml


Whipp'd by Vape Pink 100ml

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Vape Pink Whipp'd 100ml

Vape Pink Whipp'd Vape Juice Review

Vape Pink is back at it again with a vape juice that will surely become your favorite in rotation. This vape juice takes the taste of freshly whipped cream and the most succulent fruity flavors you can find and blends them together into a vape juice that will have you drooling all day long. Vape Pink is here to steal your heart with this life-changing vape juice. 

As you inhale Vape Pink Whipp'd the taste of freshly whipped cream hits your taste buds in the most delicious way. The flavor is so on point that it will just melt across your taste buds with every inhale you take. As you exhale, the taste of fruity goodness will combine with the flavor of the whipped cream to give you a flavor that will have your eyes rolling into the back of your head. Vape Pink Whipp'd have your taste buds whipped into shape from your very first puff until your very last. This vape juice is all you've been searching for. 

Vape Pink is a brand brought to you by Propaganda. This vape juice brand is determined to bring their customers flavors that they will certainly never tire of. This vape juice brand will have your taste buds going gaga with every single one of their juices you try as they are all so packed with flavor that you will feel on top of the world. Propaganda is the perfect vape juice brand for you if intense flavors are what you crave. 

Vape Pink Whipp'd satisfy every last taste bud on your palate and never again will you go on an endless search for the best tasting vape juice. With every inhale and exhale, the taste of whipped cream and fruit will have you falling head over heels. 

Flavor Profile: Cream, Fruit 

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine.