Uncle Junks 60ml Pick 3 Vape Juice Bundle


Uncle Junks 60ml Pick 3 Bundle (180ml)

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Uncle Junk’s 60ML Pick 3 Bundle

Uncle Junk’s 60mL Pick 3 Bundle is the best deal you will find on the market for Uncle Junk’s Genius E-Liquid. It is an exclusive bundle that allows Uncle Junk’s fans to get their top three most favored flavors for the lowest price on the market, while also allowing those who just want to explore its delicious tastes the opportunity to try new flavors and possibly add to their current rotation of vape juices. Uncle Junk’s is a remarkable collection of flavors, which range from juicy red apples and pomegranates to blends of pineapple and cream. In this bundle, there is a flavor for every taste. Choose three 60mL (180mL total) bottles with your most preferred flavors, select your preferred nicotine level, which includes 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths, and your bundle will arrive in no time.

Considered at a veteran in the industry, everyone has come to know the name, Uncle Junk’s. Since its inception in 2012, Uncle Junk’s has become one of the markets most fruitful brands, unveiling a fabulous collection of premium vape juice. The Bellflower, California-based brand has been on a steady mission to help people quit smoking cigarettes, and after serving thousands of consumers worldwide, it is safe to say it has successfully achieved the mission. Today, Uncle Junk’s remains as an industry-leading brand and is home to a powerful collection of the worlds finest ejuices.

Choose From:

  • Bettie White - If you are looking for a set of flavors that just seems to work perfectly with one another, look no more. This delicious mix of ripe red apples and juicy pomegranate makes for the perfect pairing. From the crisp taste of an apple to the unique profile of pomegranate, you are in for quite the treat.
  • Big League Grape - Thinking back to your childhood, those days at the ball field, and the unique chew-like pouches, it is hard to forget such delicious bubblegum. This tasty vape flavor recreates that big-league gum experience by introducing a juicy concoction of white grape and pink bubblegum. It is an awesome duo of flavors to help you relive the past.
  • Holy Water - It’s quite an interesting name, yet this god-like flavor will certainly have you more than interested. It delivers the taste of strawberries and white peach with a vanilla ice cream topping. No matter what your thoughts are on the name, it’s all about the delicious taste with this one.
  • Honey Do - If you enjoy the taste of melons, this refreshing blend will be perfect for you. It offers a refreshing blend of juicy cantaloupes and honeydew. The two come together to create an all-day-vape experience as you’ve never experienced before.
  • Jon Wayne - It is a classic name, and it best represents this classic taste of tobacco. Loaded with sweet caramel bourbon and infused with rich tobacco, you will crave nothing more. Enjoy the delightful tobacco flavor any time and relive the past with this industry classic.
  • Junkyard Scotch - There aren’t many flavor creations that you will refer to as being perfect, except Junkyard Scotch. It is a delicious blend of creamy butterscotch, custard, and ripe banana slices that seem to act as an unstoppable trio. It provides a tasty vape experience that you will not want to be without.
  • Pineapple Feathers - For those who enjoy the exotic taste of tropical flavors, you will love this blend. It is a tropical concoction that consists of pineapples and cream, making for the perfect beverage. It delivers a tropical island setting as if you were on the sunny beach sipping on a creamy pineapple beverage, which includes the tiny umbrella and all.

The Uncle Junk’s 60mL Pick 3 Bundle is a way for us to offer you the best deal on your favorite Uncle Junk’s flavors while giving you the opportunity to explore new flavors you haven’t yet tried. If you want to broaden your horizons and dive deeper into the world of Uncle Junk’s Genius E-Liquid, here’s your chance.