Uncle Junks 120ml Pick 3 Bundle


Uncle Junk's 120ml Pick 3 Bundle

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Uncle Junk’s 120ML Pick 3 Bundle

Being around the vapor products industry for years, Uncle Junk’s has become a seasoned vet with loads of experience creating unique blends of flavors. It has a serious collection of the world’s finest vape juice and gained its passage to fame early on by developing superb concoctions, which range from Just Bettie to Junkyard Scotch. There are many flavor profiles, and in this bundle, you have the opportunity to pick three of them. Choose any three 120mL bottles (360mL total) with your preference of flavor. Select your desired nicotine level, which includes 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and your bundle of delicious flavors will arrive at your doorstep quicker than you know it.

Based in Bellflower, California, Uncle Junk’s Genius E-Liquid has become one of the industry’s most iconic brands. It is a seasoned vet in the industry, happily providing premium vape juice to industry consumers since 2012. With a passion to help people quit smoking cigarettes, Uncle Junk’s has dedicated itself and its remarkable flavor creations to impact the industry by converting one smoker at a time. Due to its professionalism, quality products, and brilliant taste, Uncle Junk’s Genius E-Liquid has placed itself as a role model for others to follow. To this day, the brand continues to lead the industry with classic vape juice made with integrity for the modern vaper.

Choose From:

  • Just Bettie - Wheather you’re looking for a new flavor to enjoy or it has become your favorite, Just Bettie is one that everyone loves. It delivers the marvelous taste of ripe red apples blended perfectly with juicy pomegranate. The end result is an all-day-vape your taste buds have been craving.
  • Big League Grape - If you’re looking for a flavor that is unique, yet offers the mouthwatering taste your taste buds crave, this one is it. It will remind you of the big league bubblegum you knew from your childhood. It offers a white grape flavor mixed with the taste of pink bubblegum. It’s a flavor blend that tastes so real that you will want to chew the vapor. But don’t, it’ll look weird.
  • Holy Water - This Holy Water vape juice flavor is almost god-like, offering delicious tastes with every puff you take. It is the perfect infusion of strawberry, grape juice, and pink bubblegum. From beginning to end, you’ll want to savor every bit of the flavor.
  • Honey Do - Load your taste buds down with some delicious flavor every time you puff. This one is a delicious and very refreshing blend that consists of juicy cantaloupe and honeydew.
  • Jon Wayne - It is a popular name, and it has become one of the most popular flavors. His tasty vape will remind you of John Wayne due to the rich tobacco taste. It offers a sweet caramel bourbon blended with a rich tobacco flavor. It’s an all-day tobacco vape you have to try.
  • Junkyard Scotch - It’s just one of the best butterscotch flavors you’ve ever tasted! Junkyard Scotch is a tasty blend that uses creamy butterscotch, custard, and ripe banana slices to present a new favorite. The thick, creamy taste will have your taste buds in a frenzy.
  • Pineapple Feathers - While it is an odd name, the flavor isn’t odd at all. It provides a succulent taste of tropical flavors that you are sure to enjoy. This tasty blend consists of pineapples and a cream base, which you will find is one of the best concoctions ever created.

Whether you are looking to add a new vape juice flavor to your rotation or you just want an amazing deal on your favorite Uncle Junk’s vape juice, our Uncle Junk’s 120ML Pick 3 Bundle is the best choice. It’s 360mL of awesome flavor for a low price.