The Traveler by Coastal Clouds Deep Sea 60ml

Coastal Clouds

Lemon Raspberry AKA The Traveler by Coastal Clouds 60ml

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The Traveler by Coastal Clouds 60ml

Coastal Clouds Lemon Rasberry AKA The Traveler Vape Juice Review

The Traveler has came a long way to show the people this lush Italian ice that he has discovered. Right off the coast where the sun shines bright and the waves sings it’s ocean songs he lays a towel down, sits back, and takes out a thing of Italian ice enjoys a nice scoop of a chilled tasty treat. It is tangy, sweet, and only has a hint a bitter to it that’s actually quite pleasant and enjoyable. A beautiful combination of blood orange, sweet mango, and lip puckering lemon mashed together in shredded ice perfect for a hot day beside the beach. It attracted many of the people by the beach, luckily he had plenty to share.

Having such a flavorful batch of Italian ice was so good that Coastal Clouds had to do their best to mimic it into a vape juice. After months and months going through many different blends they finally crafted an impeccable replica, the entire lab was filled with excitement. Each puff comes with an ideal burst of flavor that’ll drive your taste buds mad and a touch of bone chilling menthol that will make the hairs on your skin stand up.

On the inhale you’ll instantly get a rush of the bold and intense taste of blood orange along with bitter lemon mellowed out by the sweet smooth taste of fresh mangoes smothering your taste buds in the true sense of a bitter sweet delight. As the three flavors churn together in delicious harmony a winter breeze will join as you exhale leaving a minty yet citrus feel remaining in your mouth.

Flavor Profile: Italian Ice, Blood Orange, Mango, Lemon

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30