The Berg Menthol by Innevape SALTS 30ml


The Berg Menthol by Innevape SALTS 30ml

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The Berg Menthol by Innevape SALTS 30ml

Innevape SALTS The Berg Menthol Vape Juice Review

If the original was too weak in menthol for your liking than just turn it up a notch with The Berg Menthol by Innevape SALTS. Think of blue raspberry in any type of ice form and its mouth watering potent flavor, now imagine that in a vape juice. Doesn’t it just get your cravings going? I mean how awesome would it be if you can just carry around a blue raspberry popsicle right in your pockets? Craving for a blue raspberry slushie now you got it “In-ne-vape”... see what I did there?

Indulge yourself with ever loving iced out blue raspberry on the inhale as it flows with an impeccable taste of the tart and sweet (mostly sweet) fruit coating each taste bud. The additional menthol in this juice will leave your mouth feeling like an ice glacier which is the most refreshing feeling if you ask me. Unlike the original The Berg and it’s light tones of menthol this juice will give you the extra oomph that you’re looking for.

Innevape SALTS made it so that everyone would be able to enjoy their wonderful line of vape juice. No one will miss out on their extraordinary taste in flavors and that includes the salt nic lovers. The Berg Menthol will truly knock your socks off, small hit but you get big results.

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry, Blue Popsicle, Blueberry Slushie

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 70/30