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Strawberry Bliss Salt by Blank Bar E-Liquid

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Strawberry Bliss Salt by Blank Bar E-Liquid

Blank Bar E-Liquid Strawberry Bliss Salt Review

Ready yourself for one of the most pleasing strawberry flavors you've vaped yet. Strawberry Bliss Salt by Blank Bar E-Liquid is an extraordinary flavor creation that features a perfect blend of strawberry flavors. It's all of the strawberry goodness you've been hoping for.

What is Blank Bar Strawberry Bliss Salt vape juice? Strawberry Bliss Salt by Blank Bar E-Liquid is an outstanding blend of vape juice that features an infusion of quality salt nicotine and the most impressive flavor profile. This vape was made for those people who enjoy loads of strawberry goodness, as each puff will shower your taste buds with the natural, sun-ripened sweetness that strawberries are known for. Strawberry Bliss Salt comes in a 30mL bottle and in 35mg and 50mg salt nicotine strengths.

Blank Bar is a leading vape brand that has made leaps and strides since it entered the market. It has done so because of its flagship refillable disposable vape, which is highly innovative. The brand has also gained attention for its premium salt nicotine vape juice, which features quality salt nicotine and a variety of deliciously crafted flavors that are centered around satisfying your taste buds. From its amazing quality and flavors from its vape juice to the performance and convenience of its disposable device, Blank Bar is the brand to rely on.

If you love vaping strawberry-flavored vapes, then you will definitely enjoy Strawberry Bliss Salt by Blank Bar E-Liquid. While it is a common flavor, it's definitely one of a kind. The strawberry flavor has been perfected, giving you that natural sweetness that your taste buds crave.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry

Bottle Size: 30ML

PG/VG: 50/50