Pachamama Salts Starfruit Grape Ice

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Starfruit Grape Ice by Pachamama Salts 30ml

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Starfruit Grape Ice by Pachamama Salts 30ml

Pachamama Salts Starfruit Grape Ice Vape Juice Review

Giving your taste buds all it can handle, Pachamama is certainly making an impression with its latest addition to Pachamama Salts collection. Starfruit Grape Ice by Pachamama Salts is an outstanding concoction of flavors that offers the taste of fuji apples, grape soda, starfruit, and a cool hint of menthol.

What is Starfruit Grape Ice vape juice? Starfruit Grape Ice by Pachamama Salts is a premium vape juice blend that brings together a slew of very detailed flavors to create a complex flavor that you'll love to puff on each day. It uses a mix of mesmerizing flavors, which all come together perfectly and create an all-day vaping experience you'll appreciate. It consists of fuji apples, grape soda, starfruit, and bone-chilling menthol. What you end up with is an amazing mix of fruit flavors, a slight soda taste, and an ice-cool menthol flavor. Starfruit Grape Ice is available in a 30mL bottle and can be enjoyed anytime in 25mg and 50mg strengths of synthetic nicotine salt (tobacco-free nicotine).

Pachamama Salts is an amazing line-up of delicious flavors that utilizes synthetic nicotine salt. The line-up exists within the Pachamama collection of premium vape juice and is made by Charlie's Chalk Dust, a large manufacturing brand that has become an icon in the industry, known for developing innovative vape juice blends that everyone today calls favorites. The company has been around since 2014 and has created award-winning flavors that offer incredible quality and an amazing vaping experience.

If you're wanting a vape juice blend that has tons of flavor to offer, Starfruit Grape Ice by Pachamama Salts is definitely one to consider. It's loaded with fuji apples, concord grapes, grape soda, delicious starfruit, and the frigid taste of menthol. It's your next favorite vape, you just have to try it for yourself.

Flavor Profile: Fuji Apple, Grape Soda, Starfruit, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50