Slotter Pops The Grape White by Lost Art 120ml


Slotter Pops The Grape White by Lost Art 120ml

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Slotter Pops The Grape White by Lost Art 120ml

Lost Art Slotter Pop Review

Always a summertime favorite, Slotter Pops by Lost Art Liquids presents The Grape White! A refreshing burst of white grapes, mingled with slices of candied apples and sour citrus. The perfect blend of fruity sweetness with a tangy bite. Sure to become your next #AllDayVape.

On the inhale of Lost Art Slotter Pop The Grape White, blends of tart berries and grapes will flood your taste buds in the most delightful way. The, the taste of apples comes through in the most succulent way. As you exhale, the apple flavor washes down all of the other flavors and will leave your taste buds craving more and more. You're sure to love Lost Art's new and improved labeling! Their 120ml size now comes in the popular Chubby Gorilla bottle.

Lost Art is a brand that has been around for ages. These vape juices are perfect for those of you who enjoy a strong flavor that will have your taste buds tingling in excitement from your first puff until your last. Made with only high quality ingredients, every puff of these mouth watering vape juices will be the best vaping experience ever. Lost Art has such authentic flavors that you won't believe your taste buds. 

Lost Art Slotter Pops The Grape White is the most succulent fruity vape juice you'll ever be able to find. This flavor will have your taste buds going wild from day one and with every puff you take you will be completely enthralled. 

Flavor Profile: Grape, Apple. Citrus

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 70/30