Skitzo by Clown Liquids 120ml

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Skitzo by Clown Liquids 120ml

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Skitzo by Clown Liquids 120ml

Clown Liquids Skitzo Vape Juice Review


Clown Liquids Skitzo takes the taste of a fall festival in the most delicious way. This vape juice takes the amazing taste of a candy apple and smoothers it in caramel. This vape juice is so on point that you won't be able to forget the scrumptious taste it creates. 

As you inhale Clown Liquids Skitzo, the taste of a candied apple will dance across your taste buds and leave them tingling for more and more. This apple flavor has just the right amount of sourness to have your lips puckering in an instant. As you exhale, the caramel flavor takes over and soothes your taste buds from the sourness. 

Clown Liquids takes the most delightful flavors and turns them into a vape juice that you can happily vape on all day long. This vape juice line is brought to you by Bad Drip Labs that have amazing flavors  and wild images on every single bottle that will keep drawing you in every time. This vape juice will have you falling madly in love with every single flavor you try. 

Clown Liquids Skitzo takes a delightful twist of everyone's favorite candied apple flavor and makes it into a vape juice that will certainly become your next all-day-vape. Clown is the number one vape juice for you if you enjoy intense flavors that will keep you going all day long.


Flavor Profile: Candy Apple, Caramel

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG:PG 75/25