Sadboy Salt Unicorn Tears 30ml

Sadboy Salt

Unicorn Tears by Sadboy Salt 30ml

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Sadboy Salt Unicorn Tears Vape Juice 30ml

Sadboy Salt Unicorn Tears Vape Juice Review

Sadboy Salts Unicorn Tears is going to keep you guessing with every puff you take. From the sourness to the sweetness your taste buds will never be able to pick out just one flavor. 

As you inhale Sadboy Salts Unicorn Tears you will start the mysterious journey of flavors across your tongue that will you have you counting. From the lip puckering sour to the fruity and a little bit of custard you will truly never know what flavor is next. As you exhale Sadboys Salt unicorn tears you will be left with a whole different taste then as to what you inhaled. Sadboy Salts Unicorn Tears will have you on your toes trying to figure out which flavor peaks out the most. 

Sadboy will truly leaving you guessing which vape juice is the best of theirs from their fruity sensations to their custards. Sadboy offers a vape juice for everyone and they havw proved that with their huge social media following. Sadboys social media following alone will have you wanting to try a Sadboy vape juice just to find out what everyone is raving about. 

Sadboy Salts Unicorn Tears will have you guessing the flavors all the way until the last drop of juice. From start ti finish there is going to be a new flavor adventure for you to try, you just have to pick your pod system. 

Flavor Profile: Mystery Flavor

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50