Sadboy Salt Butter Cookie 30ml

Sadboy Salt

Butter Cookie by Sadboy Salt 30ml

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Sadboy Salt Butter Cookie Vape Juice 30ml

Sadboy Salt Butter Cookie Vape Juice Review

Sadboy Salt Butter Cookie will be everything and more than you need in a custard vape juice. From the moment you hear Sadboy Salts Butter Cookie, your taste buds are sure to go crazy. There will never be a moment you will regret grabbing Sadboy Salts Butter Cookie. Sadboy Salts Butter Cookie will be sure to keep your sweet tooth at bay.

As you inhale the Sadboy Salts Butter Cookie you will taste the freshly made cookies. It will remind you of your grandmothers sweet and warm cookies. On the exhale of Sadboy Salts Butter Cookie, you get the sweet butter taste that finishes off this vape juice perfectly. Sadboy Salts Butter Cookie will make your taste buds go wild with just a whiff from this vape juice. If there is on thing Sadboy knows its flavor and they proved that with Sadboy Salts Butter Cookie.

Sadboy is known for its outstanding social media presence and if that doesn't prove how amazing this brand is then let the juice talk for itself. With every puff and whiff from Sadboy Salt you will see more and more why they are such a huge hit in the vaping world. From the start, Sadboy has made and offered exceptional flavor and Sadboy Salts is no exception. You will never want to leave home without a bottle in your hand.

From bottle to tank Sadboy Salts will shock you every part along the way. Sadboy Salts Butter Cookie is there perfect addition to your everyday routine. Whether you are waking up early or going to bed late Sadboy Salt is the vape juice for you. don't hesitate when you buy this vape juice because it might be all gone before you can even blink.

Flavor Profile: Butter, Cookie

Bottle Size: 30ml