Quickies Hemp Wraps


Quickies Hemp Wraps - 3-Pack

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Quickies Hemp Wraps - 3-Pack

Quickies Hemp Wraps Review

Allowing you to toke up, Quickies Hemp Wraps gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite material while generating an optimal smoking experience. These hemp wraps are made in the Dominican Republic and are 2-ply wraps that are hand-crafted with a glass tip. The wraps are 100% natural, non-GMO, and are made of hemp paper.

What are Quickies Hemp Wraps? Quickies Hemp Wraps are natural hemp papers. It's 100% tobacco-free and provides a smooth, slow-burning experience. The wraps come in a three-pack and are easy to roll and cut for a perfect cone-shaped seal. Manufactured in the Dominican Republic, these 2-ply wraps provide an incredible smoking experience. You'll enjoy hand-crafted hemp papers with reusable glass tips, giving you an optimal, effortless smoking experience.

Quickies is a leading alternative brand that gained an overwhelming amount of attention for its hemp wraps and prerolls. They provide a tobacco-free experience with a slow burn and a reusable glass tip for quality smoking. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Quickies is making waves throughout the industry and allows you to partake in your favorite smoking material by wrapping it with natural hemp paper.

If you are searching for a quality experience, Quickies Hemp Wraps is what you should consider for your next smoking session. These wraps are perfect in every way, manufactured in the Dominican Republic, and are 100% natural. With 3 wraps per pack, you'll be able to enjoy many 420 smoke sessions.