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Pink by Keep It 100 Salts 30ml

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Pink by Keep It 100 Salts 30ml

Keep It 100 Salts Pink Vape Juice Review

Sharing a satisfying flavor experience that we're sure you're going to love from just the first puff, there isn't anything more pleasing than Pink by Keep It 100 Salts. It's an all-day vape juice that combines a juicy strawberry flavor with the sweet taste of candy, giving you a familiar strawberry candy flavor that you cannot refuse.

What does Keep It 100 Salts Pink vape juice taste like? Pink by Keep It 100 Salts tastes like a delicious piece of strawberry candy. It recreates the taste perfectly, making a flavor that combines a juicy red strawberry with a finishing touch of candy, creating an all-day vape that anyone would enjoy vaping on any chance they got. Pink by Keep It 100 Salts are available in a 30mL bottle and come in 2 salt nicotine strengths to choose from, including 30mg and 50mg.

Keep It 100 Salts is a collection of premium salt nicotine vape juice under the Keep It 100 lineup. It features a wide range of different flavors, stretching from strawberry candy to blue raspberry, and many more. With a variety of fruits, desserts, and tobacco, there is plenty to explore from its salt collection.

If you are wanting an amazing candy flavor that packs in loads of juicy strawberries that are sure to please your taste buds, then you just have to try Pink by Keep It 100 Salts. It's an amazing vape juice blend that comes infused with a hefty dose of salt nicotine available in two strengths to choose from.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Candy 

Bottle Size: 30ml

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)