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Peach Raspberry by Burst Duo Salts 30ml

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Peach Raspberry by Burst Duo Salts 30ML

Burst Duo Salts Peach Raspberry Review

Delivering an ultra-sweet and smooth flavor, you won't find another more satisfying vape juice blend than Peach Raspberry by Burst Duo Salts. It is an exceptional flavor creation that offers a delicious duo. Enjoy juicy peaches and the sweet taste of raspberries made into one unforgettable vape.

What is Burst Duo Salts Peach Raspberry vape juice? Peach Raspberry by Burst Duo Salts is a salt nicotine vape juice that comes pre-filled inside of a 30mL bottle. It contains a special blend of quality salt nicotine that is sure to satisfy your cravings and a duo of flavors that you'll find please your taste buds to no end. Expect a mixture of juicy Georgia peaches and the sweet and fresh taste of raspberries, giving you a magnificent vaping experience that you'll be thankful for puff after puff. Peach Raspberry comes in a 30mL bottle and in salt nicotine strengths of 25mg and 45mg.

Burst Duo Salts is a collection that is housed in the same portfolio as Burst Eliquid. It consists of premium salt nicotine vape juice available in a variety of different flavor options to choose from, all boasting a duo blend of fruits that are sure to become favorites. The brand is stationed in Santa Ana, California, and manufactured by one of the industry's leading manufacturers, Arc LLC. Due to its impressive flavors, extraordinary quality, and remarkable consistency, people continue to place Burst Duo Salts as their top choice.

If you are wanting to take your experience with flavors to new heights, Peach Raspberry by Burst Duo Salts is definitely a must-try. This fascinating concoction combines the perfect mixture of peaches and raspberries, making for an unforgettable vape that you have to try to believe.

Flavor Profile: Peach, Raspberry

Bottle Size: 30ML

PG/VG: 50/50