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Passion Citrus Salt by Blank Bar E-Liquid

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Passion Citrus Salt by Blank Bar E-Liquid

Blank Bar E-Liquid Passion Citrus Salt Review

Producing a flavor experience that is truly unlike any other, this perfectly concocted blend of flavors is truly unmatched. Passion Citrus Salt by Blank Bar E-Liquid is an amazing flavor profile that has been created to ensure satisfaction by offering a smooth, quality vape that comes with just the right fruity zest.

What is Blank Bar Passion Citrus Salt vape juice? Passion Citrus Salt by Blank Bar E-Liquid is a perfectly blended bottle of vape juice that features an outstanding flavor profile anyone would enjoy. The blend consists of a passionate fusion of tropical fruits combined with citrus, giving you an amazing taste that is sure to satisfy you from puff to puff. Passion Citrus Salt comes in a 30mL bottle and is available in two salt nicotine strengths, which include 35mg and 50mg.

Blank Bar is one of the most impressive brands to hit the market in years, as it has developed an innovative refillable disposable vape and a full collection of salt nicotine vape juice with the most fascinating flavor profiles. With great performance, cutting-edge designs, and delicious tastes, Blank Bar is quickly emerging as an industry leader. It offers the finest quality ingredients, industry-shifting technology, and an experience that anyone would appreciate.

If you want to enjoy a flavor that seems to never grow old and always leaves exciting tastes in your mouth, then you'll want to choose Passion Citrus by Blank Bar E-Liquid. It offers a passionate blend of citrus coated alongside a mix of tropical fruits. It's an all-day vape you are going to love.

Flavor Profile: Tropical Fruit, Citrus

Bottle Size: 30ML

PG/VG: 50/50