Juice Head Salt Paradise Pear Freeze

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Paradise Pear Freeze by Juice Head Salt 30ml

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Paradise Pear Freeze by Juice Head Salt 30ml

Juice Head Salt Paradise Pear Freeze Review

Sloshing around your taste buds, delivering soothing tastes, and ensuring you're satisfied puff after puff, this salt nicotine vape juice is just what you need. Paradise Pear Freeze by Juice Head Salt is extraordinarily pleasing and boasts a stunning mixture of peaches, pears, and cool menthol.

Juice Head Salt Paradise Pear Freeze has a fascinating flavor profile that anyone would appreciate. It offers such a delicious experience by joining together a perfect fusion of juicy peaches, pears, and the coolest menthol flavor. The experience is amazingly refreshing, and cool, and leaves you with a juicy flavor you'll love. This threesome of delicious flavors will ensure that you're never left wanting more. Paradise Pear Freeze by Juice Head Salt is available in a 30mL bottle, alongside satisfying strengths of 35mg and 50mg.

Juice Head Salt is a masterful collection of premium salt nicotine vape juice that has quickly become a favorite. It's an outstanding series within the Juice Head line-up. This remarkable list of salt nic ejuice is sure to become a favorite, as the delicious tastes combine perfectly with impressive quality and remarkable ingredients. Juice Head is one of the most remarkable vape brands currently in the market, and it continues to develop new and innovative flavors to ensure satisfaction and continued relevancy.

If you have been hunting for a great flavor to vape on all throughout the day, then you should consider Paradise Pear Freeze by Juice Head Salt. This brilliant salt nicotine vape is one of the most pleasing flavors to puff on, as it features a perfect mixture of flavors to ensure satisfaction.

Flavor Profile: Peach, Pear, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ML

VG/PG: 50/50