Pear Acai Pachamama 60ml

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Pear Acai by Pachamama 60ml

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Pear Acai by PACHAMAMA 60ml

PACHAMAMA Pear Acai Vape Juice Review

Enjoy a refreshing blend of delicious fruits with Pear Acai by Pachmama 60ml. Like the juice's name Pear Acai, Pachamama 60ml has successfully replicated the unique tangy flavor you will taste when snacking on those delicious berries. In the same time a sweet yet balanced pear flavor will be perfectly combined to give fruit lovers a worthy candidate to become thier all-day vape. 

On inhale of Pachamama Pear Acai vape juice the rush of ripened acai berries will flood your taste buds introducing sweet and tarty flavor notes with soft undertones of juicy pear. During exhale is when the yummy pear flavors emerge and take over. A nice and light sweet flavor that balances out the vaping experience to give you a well rounded fruit flavor. 

PACHAMAMA brings you scrumptious fruity flavors that are complimented by their natural flavor. Pear Acai will bring you the enjoyment of a life time as the pear and acai flavors fuse together in your mouth creating fireworks like the New Years in your mouth. With this juice you truly can't go wrong as it will kick your sweet craving out in a heart beat and also quench the thirstiest parts of your soul leaving you feeling beyond refreshed. 

Pear Acai by PACHAMAMA Vape Juice is one of the few flavors that is amazingly sweet yet doesn't leave a sweet after taste in your mouth and with the sweet, juicy peaches it leaves your taste buds feeling rejuvenated. Save on Pear Acai by PACHAMAMA today!

Flavor Profile: Pear, Acai 

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30