Beard Vape No 24 120ml

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No. 24 Ejuice by Beard Vape Co 120ml

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No. 24 Ejuice by Beard Vape 120ml

Beard Vape Co No. 24 Vape Juice Review

No. 24 by Beard Vape Co. 120ml presents a delicious and creamy malt base drizzled and topped with rich decadent salted caramel to create a sweet and smooth all-day vape. Perfect for those looking for an exquisitely balanced dessert flavor vape juice.

While you inhale Beard Vape Co no. 24 vape juice, rich caramel that is coated in sea salt provides sweet, buttery, and savory notes to the taste buds. The sensational flavor if full of goodness. While you exhale, creamy rich vanilla milkshake flavor washes over the tongue with bliss. No. 24 will give your entire body goosebumps with the scrumptious sweet flavor it provides. If you’re looking for a creamy malt flavor treat that delivers rich indulgent flavors, look no further.

Beard Vape Co. began in 2014 in the back of a vape shop. Two brothers and one friend came up with the idea to make their own vape juice and made almost 100 flavors, to begin with. They laid all of the flavors out on the sample table at the vape shop and took note of which ones the customers liked the most. They narrowed it down to three vape juices (Beard No 24 is one of them) and those became the original three Beard Vape Co. vape juices.

Beard 24 vape juice 120ml brings you the taste of a malt that's coated in rich salted caramel. This vape juice provides the smoothest all-day vape you'll ever be able to find on the market. Indulge in your sweet tooth today.

Flavor Profile: Caramel, Cream, Malt

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 70/30