WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Mr. Fritter by Cuttwood 30ml

Product Description

Cuttwood Mr. Fritter 30ml Vape Juice

Cuttwood Mr. Fritter Vape Juice Review 

Cuttwood Mr. Fritter is the dessert flavor that your taste buds have been begging you for. Cuttwood Mr. Fritter is the perfect flavor for anyone looking to kick their sweet tooth straight to the curb. You won't be able to get over how amazing the flavor from this vape juice is.

As you inhale Cuttwood Mr. Fritter you taste the freshly baked pie crust flavor mixed with sweet and juicy apples. The inhale alone will have your eyes rolling in the back of your head. On the exhale you taste the spicy sweetness of cinnamon that's sprinkled on top leaving you in pure bliss. This vape juice is perfect for anyone looking to kick their sweet tooth straight to the curb. You won't be able to put down Cuttwood Mr. fritter because of its incomparable flavor that you will be sure to love.

You won't regret grabbing a bottle of Cuttwood Mr. Fritter, you'll just regret not grabbing more than one bottle. Cuttwood Mr. Fritter is perfect flavor for anyone that loves dessert flavored vape juices. From just the inhale of sweet pie and apples mixed with that sweet spice of cinnamon, you'll be hooked for years to come. Cuttwood Mr. Fritter will be sure to make its way into your daily rotation of vape juices because of its delicious flavor.

Cuttwood Mr. Fritter will bring all of your wildest flavors that are just so so good you can eat it vape juice flavor. This vape juice will never leave your person because of how good it is. Cuttwood Mr. Fritter will be sure to have you hooked on just the first inhale. You'll be sure to be running back to grab more bottles of Cuttwood Mr. Fritter.

Flavor Profile: Pie Crust, Cinnamon, Apple

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 70/30

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