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Mint by Skwezed 100ml

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Mint by Skwezed 100ml

Skwezed Mint Vape Juice Review

Covering your taste buds with a thick layer of flavor, this refreshing blend is sure to make its way into your list of favorites. Mint by Skwezed is a simplified vape juice blend that provides a complex taste, allowing you to bask in the sweet, crisp, and cool flavor one puff after another.

Mint by Skwezed is an exciting vape juice within the collection, as it offers a thrilling taste that awakens your taste buds. While the flavor is simplified when it comes to creating, the taste you receive is incredibly complex, as it delivers a deliciously sweet and cool mint flavor that is beyond the standard. Skwezed Mint is a sweet, crisp, and very refreshing mint flavor. It offers a hint of menthol that clears your senses, cools your airways, and satisfies your taste buds. Mint by Skwezed is available in a 100mL bottle with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Reaching new heights, Skwezed E-Liquid has soared to the zenith of popularity. Situated in sunny California, this distinguished brand meticulously curates a comprehensive array of premium vape juices, spanning from Banana to Watermelon and Pistachio, beckoning exploration of unique and exotic tastes. As a proud member of the VPR Collection, a revered manufacturing entity behind successful vape juice brands such as The Bubble Co., Dr. Frost, and Skwezed E-Liquid, this brand serves as a testament to unwavering innovation and excellence.

If you are looking to slather your taste buds in an overwhelming mint flavor, this is the one. The experience you receive is sweet, crisp, and cool, exciting your taste buds and leaving you thoroughly pleased. This is an all-day vape that you're going to love vaping on any chance that you get.

Flavor Profile: Mint, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ML

VG/PG: 70/30