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Millennium by Taboo E-liquid 60ml

Product Description

Millennium by Taboo E-liquid 60ml

Taboo Millennium Vape Juice Review

Millennium by Taboo E-liquid 60ml is a creamy milkshake flavor blended with tart raspberries. This e-juice is a perfected balance between these two flavors giving you the ultimate flavor. This milkshake flavored e-juice is truly beyond belief with the authentic raspberry blend. Millennium by Taboo E-liquid 60ml takes a rich milkshake and mixes it with genuine a raspberry flavor. Indulge in this dessert flavored e-juice all day long with no added calories and no added guilt! 

On the inhale is that tart raspberry flavor that flows over your taste buds igniting them with that authentic flavor. The creamy milkshake flavor flows over next washing down that raspberry flavor perfectly. This e-juice provides a balance between tart fruit and a rich milkshake. The milkshake flavor on the exhale is a thick milk flavor that gives a perfect ending to this e-juice. This savory e-juice provides a creamy wash down to the intense raspberry flavor. 

Millennium by Taboo E-liquid 60ml is one of the most savory flavors availble from Taboo E-liquid 60ml. Taboo E-liquid 60ml comes in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle and is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg nicotine levels. Taboo E-liquid has a brilliant line of a varity of flavors ranging from fruity menthol to beverage flavors. These delightful e-juices are sure to please your taste buds with each puff to the last drop. Millennium by Taboo E-liquid 60ml is such an authentic creamy milkshake flavor that will kick your sweet tooth cravings. 

Millennium by Taboo E-liquid 60ml is absolute mouth-watering flavor. Indulge in this creamy e-juice all day long! Millennium by Taboo E-liquid 60ml is a raspberry milkshake that will make your taste buds scream in delight. Indulge in this savory dessert flavor with Millennium by Taboo E-liquid 60ml.

Flavor Profile: Raspberry, Milkshake 

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30

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