Mi-Pod 2.0 Replacement Pods

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Mi-Pod 2.0 Replacement Pods by Smoking Vapor

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Mi-Pod 2.0 Replacement Pods by Smoking Vapor 2-Pack

Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod 2.0 Replacement Pods Review

The Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod 2.0 Starter Kit is an amazing product that has made vaping on the go easy, portable, and convenient. To further help with convenience, they've delivered replacement pods so that you'll always have a way to taste your favorite flavors with the highest quality and the most convenience.

The Mi-Pod 2.0 Starter Kit is a high-quality product that has been greatly improved over time, becoming one of the best on the market. It provides reliability, longevity, and incredible performance, while also being easy to use and super convenient. You'll also be able to find these same incredible qualities with the Mi-Pod 2.0 Replacement Pods.

One of the best features that the Mi-Pod 2.0 Pods have to offer is that you can easily fill them and you can use any vape juice, whether it's freebase nicotine or salt nicotine vape juices. You'll have a 2mL vape juice capacity that can be refilled up to 5 times, which assures you'll always have enough without a worry.

In this package, you'll get a 2 pack of replacement pods, which assures you'll have enough of a supply to last you a while. All of these pods are refillable for up to 5 times, so just 2 pods can last you a long time, depending on how much you use them. They have a 2mL vape juice capacity and an incredible mesh coil pod that features an OAS system for no leaking, a longer coil life, and amazing flavors with every puff.

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Mi-Pod 2.0 Replacement Pods Features and Specifications

  • Refillable Pod System
  • 2ml Vape Juice Capacity
  • Organic Cotton 

What's In The Box

  • 2 Mi-Pod 2.0 Replacement Pods