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Menthol Salt by Coastal Clouds 30ml

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Menthol Salt by Coastal Clouds 30ml

Coastal Clouds Menthol Salt Vape Juice Review

Showering your mouth with loads of cool and refreshing menthol flavor, there isn't anything more satisfying than Menthol Salt by Coastal Clouds. It is a bone-chilling blend of menthol that leaves your taste buds chilled to the core. It's an all-day vape that you'll absolutely love.

What is Menthol Salt vape juice? Menthol Salt by Coastal Clouds is a bone-chilling vape juice blend that is all about the taste of menthol. It is a cool and enjoyable flavor that fills your airways with a thrilling flavor that chills your mouth and leaves you with such a refreshing taste. From the first puff to the very last puff, Menthol Salt will become your all-day favorite, ensuring a pleasant vape every time. Menthol Salt by Coastal Clouds is available in a 30mL bottle and is available to you in both 35mg and 50mg salt nicotine strengths.

Coastal Clouds is a popular vape brand that creates and develops a range of premium vape juice flavors. It specializes in creating liquids that are a step above the rest, boasting incredible tastes and the best quality. With several flavors to choose from, this collection of tastes has it all, from fruits to menthol flavors to tobacco flavors, and many more. Coastal Clouds is headquartered in Irvine, California, and is one of the most reputable names in vaping, manufacturing incredible vape juice blends and there isn't anyone that goes unsatisfied.

Menthol Salt by Coastal Clouds is a bone-chilling vape juice blend that delivers loads of cool and refreshing flavor with every hit. With tons of ice-cold menthol taste and remarkable quality, there isn't a better flavor to turn to when you need a cool, crisp, and refreshing vape.

Flavor Profile: Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50