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Menthol by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco 60ml

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Menthol by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco 30ml

Four Seasons Fine Tobacco Menthol Review

Menthol by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is the perfect go-to flavor for those who are fans of the menthol flavor. It provides a cooling boost of clean and crisp menthol, fixing your cravings and opening your senses to a whole new world of taste. This magically refreshing blend of vape juice is made from natural menthol, which provides the authentic taste only Four Seasons Fine Tobacco would settle for.

What does menthol taste like? Menthol by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco tastes like a truly clean, cool menthol. The crisp flavor comes from it being made with natural menthol, which is what provides the authentic taste that menthol fans can appreciate. Though this tasty vape juice doesn’t quite fit the mold by including natural tobacco, both menthol and tobacco go hand-in-hand, so a smooth, clean, and crisp menthol flavor is a must for this fascinating collection. If you are looking for a refreshing menthol blend to experience that crisp taste or to open your senses, Menthol by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is what you will want, and it's available in freebase and salt form. Experience it in a 30mL bottle with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 30mg salt, and 50mg salt.

Operating in the United States with a full-scale production, where it both manufactures and distributes premium vape juice with quality ingredients, Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is leaving no stoned unturned. This remarkable brand has one of the industry’s most extraordinary collections, which consist of tobacco flavors, and one very refreshing menthol flavor. Through the entirety of each bottle, you will taste nothing short of amazement, as each flavor uses naturally extracted tobacco to provide an authentic taste. Each flavor has also been successfully submitted into Four Seasons Fine Tobacco’s PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Application) to ensure that the delicious tastes remain on the market for everyone to enjoy.

Menthol by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is an outstanding vape juice flavor that perfectly fits within the collection of natural tobacco flavors. It uses a natural menthol, giving users an authentic taste and a heightened level of quality that anyone can depend on.

Flavor: Menthol

Bottle Size: 30mL

VG/PG: 50/50