Twist E-Liquid Green No. 1
Melon Twist by Lemon Twist E-liquids 120ml

Lemon Twist

Green No. 1 (Honeydew Melon Chew) by Melon Twist E-Liquids 120ml

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Green No. 1 (Honeydew Melon Chew) by Melon Twist E-Liquids 120ML

Melon Twist Green No. 1 Review

Offering loads of sweet and delicious flavor, Green No. 1 is just the mouthwatering taste that your sweet tooth is craving. In this beautiful blend of flavors, you’ll enjoy honeydew, melon, and a lemonade twist that is sure to be one of your favorites.

Green No. 1 by Melon Twist E-Liquids is a remarkable flavor concoction that we just know you will appreciate. The phenomenal flavor offers an outstanding mixture of irresistible honeydew, sweet melon, and a lemonade twist that will really send your taste buds into a flavor overload. It is a fascinating blend that you are going to love. From the inhale, you taste the three flavors combine into one. The exhale remains the same, except that the flavors soak into the tongue and leave a mouthwatering taste for you to remember. You can enjoy this outstanding blend in two 60mL bottles that total 120mL of vape juice. With a selection of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths, you will satisfy any craving you may have.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Twist E-Liquids has become the go-to brand for premium vape juice. Since its launch, Twist E-Liquids has dominated the vape market with an incredible assortment of vape juice flavors, which are scattered throughout several collections, including Melon Twist, Lemon Twist, Fruit Twist, Mango Twist, and Apple Twist E-Liquids. From these collections, you can experience everything from a peach blossom lemonade to a tropical pucker punch, and many mouthwatering blends in between. Twist has been the shining light that vapers come to expect, and it has made the brand one of the most popular and well-respected brands of all time.

If you are looking for a remarkable blend that delivers full flavor, utilizing incredibly tasty flavors, such as honeydew, melon, and lemonade, we know you will adore this sweet and fresh mixture that Twist E-Liquids has concocted. It is an incredible vape juice flavor that we cannot wait for you to try.

Flavor Profile: Honeydew, Melon, Lemonade

Bottle Size: 120mL (2 x 60mL)

VG/PG: 70/30