WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Mango Tango Glas Basix Salts 30ml

Product Description

Mango Tango by Glas Basix Salts 30ml

Glas Basix Salts Mango Tango Vape Juice Review

Mango Tango is just as delicious and fun as the name is, with its one of a kind mango flavor. This vape juice will transport you to whole other island with its wonderful vape juice flavor that will leave you in pure bliss. There is no fix that this vape juice won't fix it. 

As you inhale Mango Tango Glas Basix you get the juicy and sweet notes of mango that will dance across your tongue. On the exhale the sweet and savory notes of mango start to disappear leaving your taste buds begging for more and more. With every inhale and exhale you take will have you running back for more. The out of this world vape juice will have you begging for more with every puff you take. This vape juice is the perfect all day vape to keep your sweet tooth at bay. Don't hesitate to try this delicious vape juice that will be sure to drive your taste buds crazy. Glas Basix Mango Tango will be sure to shock with its spot on mango flavor that will leave you using every last drop of this vape juice.

Glas Basix Salt is know for their huge line of vape juices flavors from custards to sugary sweet candy flavors, there will sure to be a flavor for you. These vape juices will amaze you with its delicious flavors that will rock your taste buds world. Mango Tango is one of the most perfectly crafted fruity vapes juices that will bless your tongue. This vape juice the perfect all day vape to keep your taste buds in extreme pure bliss that you will become obsessed with. Each and every one of these vape juices will be sure to please every need you have with its delicious flavor.

Glas Basix Salt Mango Tango is the vape juice that your taste buds have been waiting for with its out of this word flavor. This vape juice will amaze you and leave you incredibly happy and savoring every last drop of this vape juice. Glas Basix also offers so many other vape juice flavors that will rock your world into another universe. From sugary candy flavors to delicious dessert flavors that you will be sure to love. The only problem with this vape juice brand is trying to decide which one is your favorite. 

Flavor Profile: Mango

Bottle Size: 30ml