Mango Twist Mango Cream Dream


Mango Cream Dream by Mango Twist E-liquids 120ml

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Mango Cream Dream by Mango Twist E-Liquids 120ML

Mango Twist Mango Cream Dream Review

Boasting loads of delicious flavor with every puff, Mango Cream Dream could definitely become one of your go-to favorites. It offers a one-two punch combo, combining mouthwatering mango with smooth cream to create the flavor you’ve been dreaming of throughout your vaping journey. It’s a tasty vape juice duo that you just have to try for yourself.

Mango Cream Dream by Mango Twist E-Liquids is a fascinating concoction that pairs two unbelievable flavors into one to create a dreamy mix. Twist E-Liquids is known for pushing the bar when it comes to its flavor creations, and Mango Cream Dream is a clear example. It uses two unique flavors, pairs them together as an ultimate duo, and floods the mouth with a twist of flavors you would not expect. Enjoy the taste of mouthwatering mango and a smooth cream flavor combined into one, which tastes like a creamy tropical vape that we’re sure you’ll want to relive over and over. You can enjoy this tasty blend in two 60mL bottles, which totals 120mL of vape juice. It is available in several strengths, which include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, satisfying your specific nicotine level preference.

With its footprint planted in Los Angeles, California, Twist E-Liquids has become an industry’s favorite due to its remarkable collection of vape juice flavors. It has won several awards throughout its time as a result of striving to create remarkably crafted flavors using only the highest quality ingredients. Twist E-Liquids has developed many flavors spread across various collections, which consists of mango, fruit, melon, and lemon twist collections. Each one offers a unique set of blends that taste incredible. Today, Twist E-Liquids remains an industry-leading brand and is known throughout the world for its iconic vape juice flavors.

Mango Cream Dream by Mango Twist E-Liquids is a magnificent blend of flavors that we’re sure you will come to appreciate with the first puff. It offers a delicious mango flavor and is then combined with the perfect amount of cream, creating an all-day-vape we’re sure you won’t be able to get enough of.

Flavor Profile: Mango, Cream

Bottle Size: 120mL (2 x 60mL)

VG/PG: 70/30