Magic Man by One Hit Wonder Salt E-Liquid

One Hit Wonder Salt E-Liquid

Magic Man by One Hit Wonder Salt E-Liquid 30ml

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Magic Man by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid 30ML

One Hit Wonder Magic Man Review

Whether you are looking for a magical experience that is almost like waving a wand and watching your taste buds enter a flavor paradise or you’re just looking for a quick nic fix, Magic Man by One Hit Wonder Salt E-Liquid can do it. It provides delicious tastes and the highest quality nicotine on the market.

Magic Man by One Hit Wonder Salt E-Liquid is a stellar blend that provides a magical experience for anyone who enjoys fruit and candy flavor vape juice. This tasty treat makes use of a sugar-coated, fruity, sweet watermelon gummy candy flavor, which you will find very complex, yet very delicious too. From the point of inhaling, you will taste the watermelon gummy base collide with the fruity candy taste that really gives this flavor its pazazz. What is most fascinating about Magic Man is that you get the opportunity to enjoy this remarkable vape treat without ever having the worry of calories or the guilt that follows. You can explore its deliciousness in a 30mL bottle with your choice of 25mg and 60mg salt nicotine levels.

One Hit Wonder Salt E-Liquid is a remarkable brand that originates from the original One Hit Wonder collection. It uses its signature flavors and infuses it with salt nicotine to deliver a spectacular taste and the satisfaction of nicotine. With the salt collection, you can discover plenty to choose from, ranging from fruits to desserts to candy to beverage flavors. No matter how picky you are, there is a flavor for every taste you may have. The brand is manufactured by Los Angeles, California, by Top Shelf E-Liquid. It is a large manufacturing company that creates and develops premium vape juice and an assortment of brands that rest under its umbrella. In the One Hit Wonder Salt E-Liquid collection, each vape juice is made with the finest ingredients and TruNic 2.0, which is high-quality liquid nicotine that is grown and extracted in the USA. As a result, One Hit Wonder Salt E-Liquid is one of the best brands on the market.

If you want to taste a whole new world of flavor, this delicious candy treat is all that you need. Magic Man has an incredible taste, so if you are looking for a flavor that is super soothing, super relaxing, and incredibly delicious, look no further.

Flavor Profile: Watermelon, Gummy, Candy

Bottle Size: 30ML

VG/PG: 60/40