Skwezed Ejuice Lychee


Lychee by Skwezed E-Liquid 100ml

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Lychee by Skwezed E-Liquid 100ml

Skwezed Lychee Vape Juice Review

Skweezed Lychee will throw your world for a loop with its exotic taste that you will fall head over heels in love with. Lychee is an amazing fruit that is perfectly replicated in a bottle of Skwezed Lychee. If you are looking for a new and exciting taste then look no further than Skwezed Lychee.

As you inhale Skwezed Lychee you taste the relaxation-inducing lychee that will transport you to a perfect day in the sun on the beach. With every puff, you take you will be put into pure blissful relaxation that you will love. On the exhale the sweet notes of lychee start to disappear having you running back for more and more. Skwezed takes the delicious flavor of lychee and turns it into an even better vape juice flavor that hands down will blow your taste buds away.

From the moment Skwezed was released they have taken everyone by surprise with their truly authentic flavor inside the perfect 100ml bottle size. You will not be disappointed when you pick up any flavor from this vape juice brand, with every flavor you try you will be more and more shocked by the flavor. Skwezed Lychee will have you buying multiple bottles at a time because of its exotic and authentic taste.

Skwezed will have a fix for any craving you have whether it be fresh green apples or tarty grapefruit there is a flavor for everyone. This brand will blow you away with the incredible flavors they provide, your taste buds will be jumping for joy from their amazing flavor. 

Flavor Profile: Lychee, Fruit

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30