Killer Fruits Iced Straw Guaw Salts

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Killer Fruits Iced Straw Guaw by Vapetasia Salts 30ml

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Killer Fruits Iced Straw Guaw by Vapetasia Salts 30ml

Vapetasia Killer Fruits Iced Straw Guaw Salt Vape Juice Review

If you're searching for a flavor to become your next all-day vape, Killer Fruits Iced Straw Guaw by Vapetasia Salts is definitely one to consider. It is a trio of flavors that throws together a mixture of strawberries, guavas, and menthol to create one of the best vapes you've had yet.

What is Killer Fruits Iced Straw Guaw salt nicotine vape juice? Killer Fruits Iced Straw Guaw by Vapetasia Salts is a premium vape juice that brings together yet another trio of flavors to generate an absolutely delicious taste. It offers you a delightful blend of juicy strawberries, exotic guavas, and a cool menthol flavor. These three flavors combine with one another, giving you snippets of each flavor in a harmonized way. From puff to puff, you'll love every moment will leave you pleasantly surprised, as the flavor has been perfected in every possible way. Explore this delicious vape in a 30mL bottle with salt nicotine strengths of 24mg and 48mg.

Vapetasia was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a premium vape brand that has gained immense popularity throughout the many years it has been supplying products for consumers in the vaping industry. It has created a very long list of expertly crafted vape juice blends using some of the most remarkable flavors to create the industry's best tastes. It has several award-winning flavors and is highly recognized for its extraordinary quality. Thousands of vapers worldwide continue to rely on Vapetasia to exceed their flavor expectations and they're never let down.

Killer Fruits Iced Straw Guaw by Vapetasia Salts is another brilliantly crafted vape juice that everyone is going to love. It blends the perfect flavors together to create a savory and refreshing taste that seems to linger around so you'll have something to remember it by. It's one you won't be able to resist.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Guava, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50