Juice Roll Upz Carnival Vape Juice Bundle


Juice Roll Upz Carnival Vape Juice 100ml Pick 3 Bundle (300ml)

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Juice Roll Upz Carnival Vape Juice 100ml Pick 3 Bundle

Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice Bundle Review

It’s no secret that Juice Roll Upz Carnival Vape Juice carries some of the most sought-after flavors on the market. It’s also no secret that the Juice Roll Upz brand has become a favorite for thousands of vapers worldwide, along with being one of the most successful brands within the industry. Though there aren’t many secrets when it comes to the brand, there are many of you that have yet to discover the incredible taste that is packed into each 100ML bottle.

To give those of you who haven’t yet tried this brand, a flavor wakeup call, and of course to give those people who simply can’t get enough of Juice Roll Upz another option to save on their favorite brand and flavors, we’ve created the Juice Roll Upz Carnival Vape Juice 100ML Pick 3 Bundle, which allows you to choose three flavors from the Carnival line-up, along with your preferred nicotine strength. Each bottle comes packaged in a 100ML Chubby Gorilla bottle and totals 300ML worth of Juice Roll Upz Carnival Vape Juice. Choose a mix of all three flavors or simply choose one particular flavor that you can’t get enough of -- the choice is yours!

The Just Roll Upz Carnival line-up of flavors is an exciting trio that’s sure to give you that fruit-flavored fix your taste buds have been craving. Each flavor offers an interesting taste, and if you aren’t yet sold on fruit flavors, this may be just the bundle that could broaden your taste palette. We’ve searched far and wide for exciting brands that we believe our customers will enjoy, and so far we’ve received glowing reviews by mail, phone, and our on-site review system.

With the Juice Roll Upz Carnival Vape Juice 100ML Pick 3 Bundle, you’ll enjoy even more flavors from the Carnival line, along with saving more on vape juice.

Choose any 3 Juice Roll Upz Carnival Vape Juice Flavors

  • Berry Lemonade: It’s one of the most fascinating concoctions manufactured in the Juice Roll Upz lab, presenting a brilliant blend of varying berries, all mixed around a refreshing, hand-squeezed lemonade.
  • Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy: Giving you the opportunity to experience the fair on a daily basis, even after the carnival season, this blue raspberry flavored cotton candy is the perfect eventful treat, minus the huge expense.
  • Roll Whip: You simply won’t find anything that can compare to the marvelous taste of this tangy and sweet pineapple dole whip ice cream that delivers refreshing flavor with each and every draw.

Start enjoying Juice Roll Upz Carnival vape juice, order online today at low discount prices.