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Jam Monster Black Cherry 100ml

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Jam Monster Black Cherry 100ml

Jam Monster Black Cherry Vape Juice Review

Oozing with the most mesmerizing taste, Jam Monster Black Cherry is definitely a vape that you'll want to add to your collection. It's another all-day vape that has been perfectly formulated, and boy was the result delicious. It brings you an outstanding combination of flavors, and we cannot wait for you to experience them all!

What is Jam Monster Black Cherry vape juice? Black Cherry by Jam Monster is a brilliant combination of flavors that has made this one of the best vape juice blends on the market. It combines black cherries with Jam Monster's signature jam flavor, then spins it into a mix with butter and toast, recreating the taste of black cherry jam buttered toast. It's an ideal treat in vapor form for you to puff away on all day. With the delicious mixture of flavors, this is sure to become one of your favorites. It's also infused with satisfying nicotine that is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths.

Jam Monster is one of the most popular vape juice brands on the market, as its premium vape juice has all been expertly crafted by the industry's top mixologists. The brand has gained a huge following and is leading the industry forward with innovative flavors. Jam Monster is parented and manufactured by Monster Vape Labs, a large manufacturing company that is based in Orlando, Florida. It has been recognized for creating and developing some of the best-selling collections of flavors, including Custard Monster, Fruit Monster, The Milk, and more.

If you are on the hunt for an amazing vape juice blend to add to your arsenal, Jam Monster Black Cherry makes for the perfect addition. It uses a combination of flavors to recreate the taste of your favorite black cherry jam toast, giving you the perfect morning vape that you can puff on at any time.

Flavor Profile: Black Cherry, Jam, Butter, Toast

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 75/25