Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb

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Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb 120ml

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Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb 120ml

Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb Vape Juice Review

Honey Twist is a branch off of the brand Lemon Twist and they are here to wow your taste buds like never before. Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb takes the taste of sweet honey and combines with with creamy notes of milk to bring the flavor into a full circle. This vape juice will satisfy all of your cravings in an instant. 

As you inhale Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb, the first thing you'll taste is the taste of ooey gooey honey. This honey flavor tastes as if its directly from the farmers market. Honey Twist has captured the taste of honey in such an authentic way that you will be blown away. As you exhale, the creamy milk base swirls together with the honey flavor giving it just the kick you've been searching for. Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb will explode across your taste buds with every single puff you take and you will never want to change out your vape juice!

Honey Twist branches off of a world renowned brand called Lemon Twist. This brand has other branches such as Cookie Twist as well. With anything created by Lemon Twist you will feel on top of the world with just one puff. Lemon Twist takes flavors that everyone knows and loves and turns them into a vape juice that you can indulge on from the beginning of your day, until the very end. Take your taste buds to a whole new galaxy of flavors with Lemon Twist, Honey Twist, and Cookie Twist. 

Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb is the perfect vape juice for those of you who enjoy the sweeter things in life. With the all natural taste of honey you will be prepared for whatever may come your way. Never again will you go on the hunt for a vape juice that will  have you jumping for joy with Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb. 

Flavor Profile: Honey, Cream

Bottle Size: 2x 60ml Bottles (120ml)