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Helix Bar Disposable Pod Device

Helix Bar disposables will get you right with a single puff. If it’s hard to believe trust me I understand your trust issues but these are definitely worth it. Each flavor delivers its own tasty touch every time you go to hit it.

Although there’s a lot of devices that have similar flavors there will never be anything quite like these bad boys. Four of your favorite flavors packed in its own device here to complete your day. They’ve got mango, tobacco, apple, and even cake. 

It’s simple and truly life changing once you transition from your old favorite company to Helix Bar disposables. Or just combine the two and get the best of both worlds.


  • 600 Puffs
  • 2.5mL E-Liquid
  • 5% Salt Nicotine

Helix Bar Disposable Vape Pod Review


Throw a tropical vacation for your dried out taste buds and let the mango shower right over them with one puff. As you inhale sweet nectar will slowly draw in a small lush cloud of vapor that just coats your tongue in a pool of delicious mango. On the exhale the remaining of the mango will intensify by a hair and smooth out whatever if left over on your tongue leaving your taste buds feeling brand new and revived.


Rough but yet smooth tobacco coming in for the kill each time you go to take a hit. On the inhale it’s the tones of harsh tobacco creeping in stinging the back of your throat in delicious tobacco flavor. Notes of wine and honey will stand out more as you to to exhale lifting all the stress off your shoulders within seconds. The pull, the flavor, and the feeling will all come together creating the best end results every time.


Crisp apples is all this has to offer and let me tell you, this is one heck of an apple. On the inhale sweet and tart apples will drift in smothering your tongue in absolute flavor. As you exhale zesty apples will dissipate little by little as the vapor begins to leave your mouth making you feel like you just nibbled right onto a freshly picked apple.


Strawberry cake freshly baked just for you and your starving sweet tooth. Sweet strawberry creamy icing is the first thing you can taste as you inhale allowing all the fruity essence and sugary notes dance along your entire tongue. As you exhale you’ll be able to taste the cake itself filled with lush strawberry flavor creating both creamy and fruity by the end of the hit.