Juice Head Salts TFN Guava Peach Freeze

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Guava Peach Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN 30ml

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Guava Peach Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN

Juice Head Salts TFN Guava Peach Freeze Review

Guava Peach Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN gives way to an awesome flavor experience. It brings you the delicious tastes of guavas, peaches, and a cold menthol infused with tobacco-free nicotine salt. It's the perfect blend of flavors and the salt nicotine definitely gives you that smooth experience you crave from each puff.

What is Juice Head Salts TFN Guava Peach Freeze? Guava Peach Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN is an amazing flavor concoction that has become everyone's favorite. It is a delicious mixture that lingers in your mouth and only urges you to try more and more. This special blend consists of exotic guava, juicy peaches, and an overwhelming splash of cool menthol, creating the perfect vape every time. It blends perfectly with a tobacco-free nicotine salt, which makes the entire experience of vaping so smooth and enjoyable.

Juice Head Salt is yet another premium vape juice series within the Juice Head collection. It offers a variety of delicious tastes to ensure you're nothing more than satisfied with every puff that you take. Juice Head offers several types of vape juice, from freebase to salt nicotine and tobacco-free nicotine vape juice available in regular and salt nicotine. However, the brand is based in Garden Grove, California, and it is manufactured by the parent company, Streamline Vape Co. It is the same company that has developed brands such as Bam's Cannoli, Khali Vapors, Tab Premium Salts, and more. With so much of a selection of Juice Head, you can see why it's the number-one vape juice brand in the world.

Boasting an exciting mixture of flavors, Guava Peach Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN is nothing short of spectacular. It is a fascinating trio of flavors that gives you just enough flavor from guava, peaches, and menthol so that you'll continue to want more and more. The tobacco-free nicotine salt only enhances the experience that much more.

Flavor Profile: Guava, Peach, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50