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Guava Lava Iced by Hi-Drip 100ml

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Guava Lava Iced by Hi-Drip 100ML

Hi-Drip Guava Lava Iced Vape Juice Review

Weakening your will to resist, Guava Lava Iced by Hi-Drip is one of the most remarkable flavors you'll come across. It is a delicious mixture of flavors, boasting sweet guavas, juicy strawberries, and a refreshingly cool menthol flavor to tie everything together.

What is Hi-Drip Guava Lava Iced? Hi-Drip Guava Lava Iced is an amazing flavor concoction, boasting a delicious trio of flavors that anyone would love to vape on. It is a tasty blend, which utilizes a luscious mixture of flavors, including sweet guavas, juicy strawberries, and a refreshingly cool dose of menthol that does nothing but excite your taste buds even more than they already are. It is the perfect vape flavor, and from the first puff you take, you simply won't be able to get enough. The lingering taste it provides always brings everyone back for more.

Hi-Drip has easily become one of the industry's most recognized brands for its incredible selection of vape juice flavors. It uses a mix of tropic and exotic fruits, all masterfully created to ensure your taste buds are super satisfied. It is a brand that resides in Southern California, where it has created a full collection of premium vape juice. Hi-Drip is manufactured by Jack's Juicy Factory, which is a large, prized manufacturing company that is known for its flavor development. Out of the many brands that scatter the market, everyone looks to Hi-Drip for its incredible vape juice.

Hi-Drip Guava Lava Iced is a flavorsome offering that rests in the Hi-Drip collection, delivering loads of fruity flavor and the addition of an ice-cold menthol blend. With sweet guavas and juicy strawberries, along with refreshing menthol, there is simply nothing more you will want.

Flavor Profile: Guava, Strawberry, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100mL

VG/PG: 70/30