WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Grape Drink by Glas Basix Salts 30ml

Product Description

Grape Drink by Glas Basix Salts 30ml

Glas Basix Salts Grape Drink Vape Juice Review

Glas Basix Grape Drink will throw you into a brand new vaping experience with its drink inspired flavor. Glas Basix is the vape juice that your taste buds have been begging for with its amazing flavor. This vape juice is perfect for an all day vaping experience that you will be sure to love. With every inhale and exhale you take will be sure to fall head over heels in love with this vape juice.

As you inhale Glas Basix Salt Grape Drink you get the unmistakable taste of grapes mixed with delicious fruit juice. On the exhale you taste the amazing mixed berry flavor that will leave you guessing which berries they put in it. This vape juice is the perfect fix to your fresh fruit cravings. These flavors are so spot on that you will actually believe that you are drinking a grape drink. This vape juice will be sure to delight every taste bud you have with its one of a kind flavor that you will be sure to fall in love with. 

Glas Basix Grape Drink is the perfect vape juice for any sweet tooth or sugar craving you have. Glas Basix Salt has a huge variety of extremely flavorful vape juices that you will be sure to obsesses over for months. This brand will fit right in to your daily vaping routine with its classic vape juice flavors that will please your every taste bud. This vape juice is perfect for anyone who loves flavor and a brand committed to it. Glas Basix Salt will be sure to kick any craving you have with its amazing vape juice flavor selection. 

Glas Basix Salt Grape Drink will throw you into the new and exciting world of drink inspired vape juices that you will be sure to become obsessed with. These vape juices are perfect for anyone looking for something new to try with a twist. You will be sure to positively love everything about Glas Basix Grape Drink with its out of this world fruity flavor that will drive your taste buds mad. If you are looking for a vape juice that you will be sure to love then look no further then Glas Basix Grape Drink. 

Flavor Profile: Grape, Fruit Juice, Mixed Berries 

Bottle Size: 30ml