Yami Vapor Gorudo
Gorudo by Yami Vapor 100ml

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Gorudo by Yami Vapor 100ml

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Gorudo by Yami Vapor 100ml

Yami Vapor Gorudo Vape Juice Review

Treat your taste buds to a unique and tasty flavor each time you take a puff of Gorudo by Yami Vapor 100ml. Unlike your traditional dessert or fruit flavors Gorudo is a perfect rendition of a sweet Japanese sweet potato. It will provide you with a vaping experience that can only be described as sensational. Yami Vapor has crafted a premium flavor that is dense and full bodied while giving you a nice and balanced mixture of sweet and savory notes. Yami Vapor Gorudo is the ideal flavor of choice for vape enthusiasts that enjoy a well rounded vape juice that can reward your taste buds all day long. 

Upon inhale of Yami Vapor Gorudo a ultra satisfying wave of sweet natural occurring flavor notes found only when eating sweet yams will flood your taste palate. Not too sweet and not too bland, just right. The flavor will confuse your brain since who knew a sweet potato can be enjoyed while vaping. On exhale the sweetness becomes a little stronger while notes of yams emerge to give you a well balanced and full bodied vaping experience. Just one puff of Gorudo and you will understand that Yami Vapor did an excellent job with this premium ejuice.

Gorudo by Yami Vapor will arrive neatly in a 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle and you will have the option of choosing between 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG. 

Flavor Profile: Japanese Sweet Potato

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30